Ben Albaugh, Freelance Web Developer

Hi, I'm Ben Albaugh.

I'm a freelance web developer in Phoenix, Arizona dedicated to saving you time with simple websites, sophisticated applications and more.

I also create cool products like Invoice Cards, which helps freelancers organize and invoice everyday client requests.

Feel free to get in touch or take a look at some of my latest work. I love meeting business owners and creative professionals.

What Clients Say

"A huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, knowing that I can count on Ben for just about any idea that I may have for my website. My search for a quick, talented, and dependable web guy is over!" Brandon Rike, Dark Collar Art Co.
"Working with Ben has been a refreshing experience. He exceeded our expectations across the board and we love the end result." Allison Schwab, National Worship Leader Conference
"Ben is incredibly skilled at responding to his clients' unique identities in creating their web presence. We highly recommend working with him." Kurtis Meyer, bikedabs
"Working with Ben has been awesome. He's brilliant, but more importantly, he does what he says he'll do, by when he says he'll do it. It's been fantastic working with him." Chris Graham, Chris Graham Mastering

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